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The category description can be positioned here at the top of the page or at the bottom below the products, or it can be disabled entirely, including the category image on the left which comes with custom image dimensions, including fit or fill (crop) options for system images such as products, categories, banners, sliders, etc. 

Advanced Product Filter module included. This is the most comprehensive set of filtering tools rivaling the top paid extensions. It supports Opencart filters, price, availability, category, brands, options, attributes, tags.

Ajax Infinite Scroll with Load More / Load Previous and browser back button support. Load products in category pages as you scroll down or by clicking the Load More button, or disable this feature entirely and display the default pagination.

LENOVO B40-80 i3-500U/2G/500G/DVD/WIN 10SL
In Stock
In Stock
Brand: Lenovo Model: LENOVO V330 - CBID
LENOVO V330 - CBID Spesifikasi :Processor : Intel Core i3-7020U Processor Memory : 4GB DDR4-2133 On BoardHDD : 1TB SATA 5400rpmVGA : Intel HD Graphics CAMERA : Integrated 0.3 MP CameraNO DVD802.11 AC (1x1) + Bluetooth2 Cell 30Wh Battery45W AC AdapterStandard Keyboard - English4 in 1 Reader2x USB 3.0..
Rp. 7,750,000
Notebook Thinkbook 14IIL  20SL00ETID
In Stock
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